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Abundant Life's Liver/Gallbladder Detox & Intestinal Repair
world's greatest detox and gut repair

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Dr. Filippini's treatment programs usually start with a comprehensive Liver/Gallbladder Detox & Intestinal Repair (leaky gut). This detox program uses several companies flagship products to provide the absolute best results. Most of his patients start noticing a dramatic change in their health just doing this detox because it addresses so many issues all at once.

Complete instructions on how to take each supplement as well as the diet that is associated with the detox (for maximum results) will be provided. We will also give plenty of recipes to make this as easy as possible. Please watch the Detox Orientation video once you have your products so that you can follow along with the specific instructions and get a few extra tidbits to help guide you through the detox phase.

Products Included:
1-Oxy-Powder (for colon and intestinal cleansing)
1-Vitamin D3 (aids in cardiovascular health, hormone synthesis and calcium absorption-just to name a few things)
2-Repairvite Powders (repair leaky gut and intestinal damage)
1-Aloe Ferox (addresses "Dysbiosis", the overgrowth of bad bacteria. Kills parasites and infections in the gut)
1-Latero Flora (probiotic to repopulate the gut with good, healthy bacteria)
2-Livatrex (detoxes and repairs damage done to the liver and gallbladder)
1-OmegoCo (omega 3 fatty acid, great for brain and cardiovascular health but used to open up the detox pathways and assure toxins leave the body)

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