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Men and Women's Care
To many people, Men and Women's health care means care of their respective reproduction systems. Those concerns can be addressed holistically to maintain healthy prostates, ovaries, uteri, and reproductive abilities. We promote a holistic approach to maintaining good reproductive health and reduce the risk of impotency and prostate or vaginal health issues.
Topics covered by the Men and Women's Care Program:

1) Female reproductive system health including uterus, ovarian and breast health
2) Menopause
3) Menstrual cycles and related symptoms
4) Fertility
5) Vaginal secretions
6) Prostate Health
7) Libido
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MayMay MayMay

MayMay helps warm up the uterus and remove coldness from the uterus. It helps enhance blood flow to female organs including the uterus and ovaries to improve their metabolism. Brown and LC Balancer are also required to enhance liver and kidney function for effective metabolic waste removal for patients over 40 or with liver or kidney deficiencies.

Our Price: $83.00
Xcel Xcel

Xcel nurtures Kidney Yang. It helps improve adrenal gland and kidney function, and helps with the kidney's filtration and balancing of minerals. LC Balancer is also recommended to improve kidney structure and microcirculations.

Our Price: $83.00
M-Strong M-Strong

M-Strong nurtures Kidney Yang. It helps promote blood flow to the kidneys and male sex organ to enhance sexual function. LC Balancer, Xcel and KS are also recommended to improve kidney function and reduce inflammation.

Our Price: $98.00
ZY Formula ZY Formula

ZY nurtures Kidney Water. It helps enhance hormonal support. It also promotes body fluid production and helps improve the lubrication of the joints, back, and other organs.

Our Price: $98.00