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Bio-Resonance Energy Testing Appointment Bio-Resonance Energy Testing Appointment

Your body, organs, glands, tissues…even the DNA in each cell resonate at a specific healthy frequency. When the cells get sick, that energy field changes. With Bio-Resonance Energy Testing, we enter into your body’s energy field - testing each cell and tissue and compare it with that of a normal, healthy energy frequency. If they are off, we can determine what is distorting that energy (i.e., toxins, degeneration, heavy metals, bacteria, virus, bacteria etc.) and balance those energy fields by introducing the normal, healthy frequencies via a single drop of water charged with the appropriate frequency. The unhealthy cells then recognize this healthy frequency as their own and begin to resonate in sync with it - regenerating, detoxifying, or whatever needs to occur to bring the cell back to health.

Our Price: $395.00