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Autoimmune Protocol
1) Oxicell (1/4-1/2 tsp. 3X/Day over the thyroid or vascular areas such as elbow creases or behind the knees)
2) Ultra D 5000 (1 Tablespoon per day)
3) Gluten Flam (2 capsules with each meal and before bedtime)
4) OmegaCo3 (2 teaspoons per day)
5) Nitric Balance (1 Tablespoon per day)
6) Brain-E DHA (As directed on bottle)
7) Strengtia (2 capsules per day)
Continue protocol for 2-3 months with a diet that consists of meat, fish, vegetables and stone fruits such as plums, cherries, peaches (single seeded fruits). Avoid all grains initially (especially breads, pastas and anything with wheat or gluten). After 1-2 months rice and quinoa can be introduced back into the diet. Monitor for any symptoms or consider running Cyrex Lab tests to determine the exact foods your immune system has created antibodies against.
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Java Sauce Formula Java Sauce Formula

Java clears spleen damp. It helps improve lymphatic circulation. It also helps resolve autoimmune conditions. LC Balancer is also required to improve microcirculation. Autoimmune can also be caused by liver deficiency, Brown and LC Balancer is recommended to rotate with Java and LC Balancer every 2 weeks. Food allergies can also cause autoimmune conditions and food allergy treatment is also required.

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