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Respiratory Care
Promotion of lung health has become more important nowadays as lung diseases have shown as the fastest rising condition of any leading cause of death, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control in 2010. 400,000 Americans die every year from COPD and it is now the third leading cause of death surpassing stroke. More than 35 million Americans are now living with a chronic lung disease. We promote a holistic approach to maintain respiratory health and improve your overall wellness.
Topics covered by the Respiratory Care Program:

1) Lung health including structure integrity and function
2) Bronchi health and phlegm production
3) Lung degeneration and fibrosis formation
4) Asthmatic challenging and difficulty of breathing
5) Clean heat and toxins from lung
6) Nasal congestion
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Apro Apro

Apro helps clear heat in the head. It helps clear inflammation and infections in the head including the sinuses, ears, and gums.

Our Price: $83.00
Apro Nasil Oil Apro Nasil Oil

Apro Nasal Oil is an externally applied liquid product that helps clear nasal heat. It helps reduce nasal inflammation caused by allergies or sinusitis.

Our Price: $83.00
EzAir EzAir

EzAir helps clear liver wind. EzAir also helps restore the inner lining of the respiratory tract in order to avoid over reactions to internal and external irritants or stimulants. EzAir is a “cold” formula and works well for young patients who exhibit “heat” symptoms or inflammation. Older patients who do not have “heat” symptoms or inflammation may not respond well to EzAir, and Breez is recommended.

Our Price: $83.00
Soup B Soup B

Soup B removes nodules and stasis in the lungs and thyroid gland. It helps dissolve scarring and fibrotic tissue in the lungs and thyroid gland by accelerating the catabolic processes necessary in dissipating the nodules and scars. LC Balancer is required to use with the Soups. It enhances systemic microcirculation and provides stronger avenues for delivering nutrients to individual alveoli and bronchioles. It also helps to clear up mucus and inflammation in the bronchial tubes. Patient who have lung scarring can develop a productive cough with colored phlegm due to the breakdown of dead tissue, while other symptoms should be improved.

Our Price: $83.00
Clear Lung Clear Lung

ClearLung helps remove lung heat and reduce inflammation and pro-inflammatory cytokines in the bronchial tubes and air sacs caused by infections or other irritants.

Our Price: $98.00
ZY Formula ZY Formula

ZY nurtures Kidney Water. It helps enhance hormonal support. It also promotes body fluid production and helps improve the lubrication of the joints, back, and other organs.

Our Price: $98.00
Soup A Soup A

Soup A nurtures Lung Yin. It helps repair lung damage and restore lung structure and function by activating tissue specific biosynthesis of cellular components in the alveoli (air sacs) and bronchioles. It also enhances the supply of amino acids, carbohydrates, and other cofactors necessary for lung tissue repair and reverse lung degeneration.

Our Price: $98.00