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Immune System Care
Our immune system defends us from pathogenic infections and removes malformed cells in our own bodies. When the immune system becomes weak or function poorly, it can cause many health issues. According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology's estimation, 50 million Americans suffer from allergic conditions annually, considered to be the sixth main cause of chronic ailments in the United States. We promote a holistic approach to boost our immune system and relieve discomfort.
Topics covered by the Immune System Care Program:

1) Enhance lymphatic circulations
2) Strengthen immune system against virus, bacteria, fungus and other pathogens
3) Seasonal allergy and Hay-fever symptoms
4) Body rash and itchiness of eye, ear and skin
5) Excessive phlegm production and postnasal dripping
6) Autoimmunity
7) Connective tissue health and inflammation
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Formula C Formula C

Formula C nurtures Real Kidney Yin. It helps restore the integrity of connective tissue and reduces its inflammation.

Our Price: $83.00
Bitter Bitter

Bitter helps clear heat in the blood and cool down the blood. It helps reduce high levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines and histamine in the blood resulting from an overreaction of the immune system to allergens, infections, and metabolic debris.

Our Price: $89.00
Clear Lung Clear Lung

ClearLung helps remove lung heat and reduce inflammation and pro-inflammatory cytokines in the bronchial tubes and air sacs caused by infections or other irritants.

Our Price: $98.00
Formula D Formula D

Formula D removes heat and toxins from the stomach. It helps clear inflammation and infection in the stomach. Spring Capsule, SJ (Spring Juice), and Formula B are also required to enhance the stomach blood supply, nurture stomach lining, and open up the pyloric sphincter.

Our Price: $98.00
Qi Booster Qi Booster

Qi Booster enhances the Qi of the spleen and middle Jiao. It helps enhance the immune system function to fight infections and abnormal cell growth. It also helps improve blood supply to the upper body including the heart, lungs, stomach, shoulder, and head, and improve heart and lung functions.

Our Price: $98.00
Brown Formula Brown Formula

Brown nurtures liver Yin. It helps improve liver health and repair liver damage. LC Balancer is required to enhance microcirculation. Xcel is required if the patient has poorly functioning kidneys. Qi Booster is required if patient has poor heart and lung functions.

Our Price: $98.00
B-2 B-2

B-2 clears phlegm damp and resolves spleen leakage. It helps improve the efficiency of the collecting terminals of the lymphatic vessels and enhance lymph recycling from the tissues.

Our Price: $98.00